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location in the city arts system. reservations for weddings and other events a
helen diller. together with the clean and safe neighborhood parks fund and the city's general fund. >> 4. 3. 2. 1. [applause] >> the playground is broken into three general areas. one for the preschool set, another for older children, and a sand area designed for kids of all ages. unlike the old playground, the new one is accessible to people with disabilities. this brand-new playground has several unique and exciting features. two slides, including one 45- foot super slide with an elevation change of nearly 30 feet. climbing ropes and walls, including one made of granite. 88 suspension bridge. recycling, traditional swing, plus a therapeutics win for children with disabilities, and even a sand garden with chines and drums. >> it is a visionary $3.5 million world class playground in the heart of san francisco. this is just really a big, community win and a celebration for us all. >> to learn more about the helen diller playground in dolores park, go to
and the economy and the city. and to see him struggle, and be able to establish this and now, in limiting his resources by cutting the backyard, it is really unfortunate. and one of the things that i say that is important for our community is to help each other, especially in the mission, especially with our community. and our very much appreciate it if you could help and support him in his struggle and as well as his support for the entire community. so, thank you. >> thank you. >> any further public speakers? >> okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner sugaya? >> yes, after a long day, one previous sort of controversial end the day on two nice projects, and on this one and this one and i am going to make a motion to approve with conditions. and commissioner antonini? >> that i think this is a wonderful project and it should be opened and it should have been opened all along but now hopefully we get it passed today and it helps the business to thrive. >> on that motion to approve. >> antonini. >> aye. >> hillis. aye >> sugaya. >> aye. >> wu. >> aye. >> so moved, commissioner
. >> i want to mention that gateway to excellently a partners at the city college may 17th at 12 noon and also i'd like to mention that mission graduates will have their march to cologne or excellently on may 22nd and they'llal mark to the city college. >> can i add one more piece to mine. so sf u s d will start their summer program on june 1st to august 11th we encourage all our students to participate there's lots of prizes. >> and i'm sorry two other things that on may 22nd they'll be having their lunch and congratulations for the chinese of affirm active action and they'll be celebrating at 11:30 an saturday may 18. yes. i really wanted to thank commissioner mendoza - it was amazing to see executive women to mix with our middle school students and secondarily i want to congratulate the jewish services together with the commissioners winning and han i didn't we celebrated their award winners and just a sheriff deputy out to one of the employees of the year that's a graduate of our downtown high school. and tomorrow is the filipino educators scholarship meeting. saturday is the a
will really enjoy. >> i am here with a manager at the heart of the city farmer's market in san francisco. thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit about the organization. >> we're 30 years old now. we started with 14 farmers, and it has grown out to over 80. >> what is the mission of the organization? >> this area has no grocery store spiller it is all mom-and- pop stores. we have this because it is needed. we knew it was needed. and the plaza needed somebody. it was empty. beautiful with city hall in the background. >> thank you for speaking with us. are you on the web? >> yes, >> check them out. thank you. >> welcome. the dish is ready. >> it looks and smells amazing. >> thank you. it was not easy to meet the $20 budget. i checked everybody out and found some great produce. really lovely seafood. i think that you are going to love it. >> do not be shy. cyou know this can run you $35 to $45 for a bowl, so it is great you did this for $20. >> this will feed four to six people. >> not if you invite me over for dinner. i am ready to dig in. >> i hope you'll love
on google for that. i spent about 28 years as a police officer for the city of san bernardino, california, about 80 miles outside los angeles. among other things i'm recognized as an expert on graffiti in california superior court. without reading all this i want to let you know that i am well rounded, i was supervisor of the unit to be supervisor of a multi agency dealing with it to being executive director for the entire state, california graffiti association of california. so i have a fair amount of background. i first became involved in graffiti back in 1991 when i was told in the gang unit that i was going to be a two-week assignment to deal with these guys called taggers. i continued until i retired so it was a long two weeks. a lot of times cities don't understand how deep the issue goes. i have had my card handed out, this is my phone number. i have absolutely no problem with people calling me any time to discuss graffiti issues, graffiti cases, any of that stuff, i am always available. that's why i put my card out there. so first off, before we get into the graffiti part we
in closed session regarding existing litigation in which the city is the defendant. >> we have a motion on whether we should go into closed session. let me first ask if there are any members of the public to speak. if not can i have a motion. without objection, we will go into closed session. if you could please remove /kwro*uss yourselves so we can go into closed session. thank you.
, and again, this is accepting a gift from a city perspective i will be comfortable moving this forward. one thing i would suggest perhaps before the full board what would be hopeful to get the fpc krshs put it in writing so we don't have a full debate on the board to get the fpcc's advice. i don't think there will be much debate. >> i will talk to my attorney and try get that. >> anymore comments, questions. i have to get a roll call. clerk? we have public comment? >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> can a roll call vote. on the motion supervisormar, no, supervisor avalos? no, supervisor breed aye, supervisor wiener aye, ferrel, aye, the motion passes. >> okay. thank you very much. item no. 9 passes. could i have to motion to rescind item no. 8. he was absent when we made the motion. could we have a motion on item no. 8 to move that forward with recommendation and we do that without full opposition from the committee. >> mr. clerk, do we have any other items? >> that completes the agenda. >> then we are adjourned. >>> >>> >>> >> >> everyon
to do. we could start right away by corralling a number of legislators and city hall to get behind this effort completely. and i suggest budgetary wise pretrial as will represents is not funded enough. frankly. and our ability to i think really discharge in a supervised capacity so there is an alternative to incarceration is something that the city should put on a higher pecking order. since it costs about $50,000 a year to incarcerate somebody. when i look at the collaborative court models. when we look at the pretrial supervisory models we are talking about here. they are really a fraction of the cost. and i don't think we have that on system down as fluidly we would like, i think many of these are eligible for that program. and that requires pretrial to staff and have expanded population. >> george, we will give you the last word, we are pretty much at our time. >> we are underway, the reality that several of us here are members of the sensoring commission, including our public defender, mrs. mccracken and sheriff mirkarimi and myself. and this is an effort that started last yea
in building san francisco and the california, and the workforce. not only the building of this beautiful city, but the beautiful space and the country as well. and what my family owned four mcdonalds here in san francisco along with a few others in northern california. and but, so when you guys are hungry you know where to go. i think that our 19 locations here, right, jackie? >> so, we are here to serve everybody and we do our part here and we are very happy to be a big part of this celebration, thank you very much for the mcdonalds and so if you have any problem, don't call me, call jackie. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> so, i i hope that we will have sandwiches waiting for you at the end of this press conference and i just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the many food and beverage. and without them we will not have the great reception that we are going to have. we have been here for 8 years. with us. and mayor lee for six years. and those are for two years or the newest addition this year, and so i hope that yogrlunch an co-chair, who will make the announcement for the ap
are covered the meeting today. we want to thank or city attorney. mr. clerk, do you have any announcements? >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. items acted upon today will appear on the may 28 supervisor's agenda. >> can you please call item number one. >> item number one is a hearing to consider the transfer of a type 48 on sale public premises license from 493 broadway street to post street in district three doing business as cafe royal. >> if we can hear from the applicants, if you could come up and give us a brief presentation of what exactly you're requesting and tell us a little bit about your business. >> absolutely. >> if you can speak into the mic please so it can be heard. >> i'd like to say thank you for having us here today. we've been looking forward to this day for a very long time. to be standing here before you is an honor. thank you very much. good morning, my name is will, my partner is jimmy. we represent 800 post street or cafe royal. it has established itself as a one of a kind gathering place for artists, musicians and lower kno
spectacular. >> then, farming in the city? sound impossible? not for these folks. >> this is my land, but it's everybody's land. >> next, meet a farmer and a chef who make the perfect pair--terally. >> i think pears are great because they're--i like the versatility. >> then, ever wonder how to pick the best summertime produce? we've got the tricks of the trade from a pro. it's all ahead, and it starts now. [moo] >> here in the tiny town of santa margarita, they have a population of only 1,300. but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in history. that's thanks to its legendary occupant, the santa margarita ranch, one of the oldest, continuously operated cattle ranches in california, and one that draws oohs and ahs from both its visitors and owners. >> the overall theme is, wow, it's pretty spectacular. most people that look at it, just go, ooh, blows you asay. >> this was the most idyllic place in the county. and i really do believe, today, it is truly one of the crown jewels of san luis obispo county. >> i don't know that i've ever been able to explain how i fell in love with t
increasing the agreement by 500,000 dollars. >> steve ritchie, assistant city manager for water. this is for continuation of our work on the upper -- river they can share our flow releases of providing the best habitat value downstream from our dams. >> president torres: is there a motion? >> so moved. >> seconded. >> president torres: seconded by commissioner vietor. public comments on item 10? there being none, alif all those in favor?alop opposed?motion carries. item 11. >> approving construction contract, bioregional habitat restoration. >> mr. cruz. > emilio cruz. during construction we had a major storm. as part of the storm there was damage done to the construction site and some of the environmental components of our project. he item before you simply to make a change order with the existing contractor repair the damages that happened during this natural storm in order to have the project when it is completed meet all of our goals. >> president torres: any discussion? >> so moved. >> moved by commissioner vietor, seconded by commissioner moran. any public comments?
and irene, (inaudible) and all of your friends and the whole city. and san francisco communities somewhere along here. thank you so much. hi. so, about next month, may 6th, the program is before 5:30, and 5:00, and (inaudible) the registration for ten days and over capacity. and that is great entertainment and i can't wait to see who the winners are, and they are just saying thank you again for your work and so please to arrive early at the center for the ceremony on next month and then after that, we will all be back here for our reception and again, thank you for the company, i understand that there are shuttles for those that feel that they do not want to walk and so that is great. and i want to thank you all for coming and thank you for the mayor's office without everybody and talked to and make things happen, and from just (inaudible) the mayor's office of labor and services. and so i want to thank them. so, at this point, i think that we are adjourned and please join us and enjoy your lunch.
tourist magnets in the city. part of the cal academies' astronomical success is the weekly nightlife party. >> i am joined by helen, who is here to school me on all the nocturnal activities that are getting ready to take place here. tell us a little about what we can expect to see at nightlife. >> we open up the doors every thursday night at the california academy of sciences. there are certain things you can see every week you can go to the museum, visit the planetarium, and we bring in bars and a deejay or band. it is a different feel from during the day, something different every week. tonight , we have beer and music. -- tonight we have great beer and music. it is beer week. we have a dozen local brewers in african hall. we have a deejays to set up throughout the museum and a live performance at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> what has been your favorite part as a participant or as an observer? >> my favorite part is to walk around the aquarium in to see people with a drink in their hands, getting to know maybe somebody new, may be looking for a day, or chatting with friends. there jellyfish. i
is a unique city and our paratransit program reflects this. we have a network of services, including sf access van service, paratransit taxi, including wheelchair accessible ramp taxi and group van which serves groups of individuals going to a single location like a senior center. [music] >> i'm elsa scott and i'm a retired federal employee and i'm a native of san francisco. i use paratransit because, i've been using it for about six years because six years ago i had to start dialysis treatments at cpmc. so i'm very dependent on paratransit three times a week, coming and going.. my current driver is brian berquist.; he's just such a friendly, sort of a teddy bear kind of a guy. i don't know what it is about brian, but all of us old ladies want to feed brian. [music] >> hi, my name is fred lein. i'm most proud of driving a ramp taxi since the beginning of the program in 1994. [music] >> fred, you are the absolute best! thank you fred for providing transportation for me and opening up my social life, and taking care of medical appointments, taking care of my mother [music] >> hi, my name is ann
department. when things have to go through a sequa process there's a handful of people in the city that pay attention. folks who pay attention took this. in terms of codes and building permits it's every neighbor in this property. people follow our website and it becomes much more real on the grounded for people who surround that property. i don't believe that your workload will remain the same. he'll see i mean anything else the new requirements once we get into it making the forms we'll see we'll plan ahead and build for - you know, just so we don't bring a whole love other hardships for folks who are doing this and it runs smoothly. >> there any more comment on this item? >> seeing none we'll vote on this. >> i'm sorry that he recommend and pass it on? >> on to the board of supervisors. >> it's conforming. >> just we're missing two commissioners here, too i want to acknowledge that, too. commissioner walker and lee had to leave. so we can vote on this now or wait until full commission. >> even though i didn't speak earlier i share some of the concerns that were raised. because i
were to face each other again in a friendly match on sunday in los angeles, the city with the largest iranian community in the u.s. conservative iranian media say the match may have been canceled as exiled iranians critical of the islamic system could converge on the event site. >>> thousands of people have gathered in a town outside of tokyo to take part in an event honoring one of the greatest leaders in japanese history. tokugawa which ruled japan for more than 250 years. he's enshrined in a unesco world heritage site. about 1, 200 people dressed in samurai took part in the re-enactment of the funeral procession. the parade is held every spring and autumn. the procession featured a portable shrine, weighing more than one ton. the parade included people dressed in full honor and childrenwearing headdresses adorned with one of the zodiac symbols. spectators crowded the parade route to watch the event. >> it was a spectacle. >> i could imagine how people traveled in the old days. >> it took about 40 minutes for the procession to reach the shrine. >>> up next, the world weather forecas
are rolling when a deer and a city bus have a run-in. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, may 16th
city of manchester. one night while visiting with the local family young and a good friend of his after words spoke with each other in tong's it is a quote from his own diary. since his conversion brigham young had frequently spoken in town but was disappointed at this moment because the converts to the church in manchester had not yet received that spiritual gifts. and the previous sunday had been pentecost it is the annual chris chen commemoration of the holy spirit coming down like fire on top of the heads of the disciples in jerusalem enabling people in the crowd to hear the disciples in their own languages. it happens to be tomorrow so i thought it would be a good idea to bring this up today. the mormons in manchester were wondering if they can also experience this spiritual power. they wanted something good. young noted. so a few days later he and we told them that they need to ask for the blessings of the board and get the gift. after a time of prayer and exhortation did you hear that? brother greeted almost got the gift of tongues. i find that very curious. what does that mean?
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vertebrae was set in front of the city hall. completed in 1978, it was his last major public work. then in his 80s, henry moore worked on as long as his health allowed him to. he died in 1986 and was buried in the much hadham parish churchyard. some critics still wonder if moore's remarkable success mighhaept hi tin his in newer rections. others disagree. oh, i thinmoore's success was alys good for hi it may be bad for his reputation, but it wasn't bad for him, his ego, and the ego that was needed to make his work. success was needed in order to fuel the possibilities of a work that appeals to every man. (narrator) henry moore's legacy is still being debated, but what he achieved is beyond controversy. the early works combine a poetic gift for carving and a respect for craftsmanship that drew inspiration from a world wider and older than europe. his fascination with the body and the play of internal and external forms inspired radical abstractions, part dreamscape, part landscape. his later works, more ambitious in size, are essays in the old tradition of making art for public sp
live in the city -- for a lot of people who represent rural states, they may not know what lks like -- if you live in a city, you are often in a rent controlled apartment or an apartment where heating is included. imagine as a young person living contractgton, your and said he'd and electricity included. heat and electricity included. so if you're in a low-income family, you do not pay a heating bill every month. . it is included in your rent. policymakerss and decided, well, just beside -- just because you're a hard- working person that is not have a heating bill you paid uniquely, you're still eligible to receive food stamps under the efficiencies. because the way we try to make government more efficient, if you are a low income, hard- working family, and you qualify for assistance under one federal program, we do not make you fill out the paperwork again. we do not make you say -- you need to prove you are earning $20,000 a year again. they just say -- you qualify, you are at the par party level
Search Results 1,750 to 1,776 of about 1,777 (some duplicates have been removed)